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This is my "Fiction Only Journal" or as it's more affectionately known, Alyjude's Basement (the name is based on an old joke that went around senad many moons ago and is too complicated to explain, trust me *G*). Anyway, consider this my fiction 'website' and yes, eventually all my stories will be here. Right now, you'll find a smattering of fiction from three fandoms:

The Sentinel
Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis

There are two methods of finding stories here at the Basement:

1) Using this page, Oddly enough called The Table of Contents, and set up by fandoms, or
2) if you want to find a specific story, just use the "Tags" list found on the left side of the page. Once you find the title, click on it and voila, you'll be magically transported to the story.

Until I've managed to move every story over here (if ever - there are them), you can find the TS stories at both AO3 (which is an 'all fandom' archive), and at the Artifact Storage Room3 (which is a TS archive only). You can find my SG1 and SGA stories at: AO3, Area 52The Alpha Gate, and Wraithbait.

THANK YOU NOTE: The majority of my stories at ASR3 were not loaded by me but by some incredible women who had either saved several of my stories, or were given them after the entire 'alyjude' archive from 852 were 'rescued' via the WBM (my stories had been removed from 852). It was a process that still sends chills of gratitude down my spine as I think of the work involved and friends who did that work! As for A03, well, the new 852 archivist, magician113 (aka magician114/Merlin/Regina) imported all the TS stories and has imported most - if not all - of the SG1/SGA stoies! *bows before "She Who is Wonder Archivist Woman"!!!* Blessings to all of you - like bluewolf458, starwatcher307,
luna_61, strifemistress, jokan, ponders_life, mab_browne, MostCrazyLady, Juno and andeincascade, to name a few!


1. The Sentinel (pairings: J/B)
Table of Contents

2. The Sentinel Jake Universe stories (pairings: J/B)
Table of Contents

3. Stargate SG1 (pairings: J/D)
Table of Contents

4. Stargate SGA (pairings: McShep)
Table of Contents

5. The Shakespeare Series (a Sentinel/SG1 xover series) (J/B and J/D)
Table of Contents

6. Stories Written Specifically for the Moonridge Auction (TS & SG1)
Table of Contents

Special Note: You might be aware that for the Moonridge 2007 Auction, I offered my own cook book that contained all the recipes of all the foods I've had in my TS stories and Jake Universe stories (and a few extras from SG1). These are my real recipes, many handed down over the years (and in some cases, updated by me) as well as some of my own recipes. After the auction was over, I received many emails from folks who wanted the cookbook so it's now available for purchase from Ancient Zine. You can get it in zine form, on a CD or as an EZine.

If you're interested, you can check it out HERE! The recipes really are mine, and yeah, I think they're delicious so hope you like! :)

Make yourself comfortable down here in the basement and don't forget to check back often as new stories will be added all the time!

Thank you!
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