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25 February 1951
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Before I get down to the nitty gritty, a few CREDITS are due:

First off, thank you to starwatcher307 who has continually graced us all with her html tips and tips on making live journal easier, especially if you also have a "Fiction Only" journal!

But major credit must go to the wonderful, incomparable and brilliant nefernat. She taught me all about creating a permanent "Welcome Title Box" that has the table of contents so no forward dating is required! She's amazing, that's all there is to it. Okay, on with the information....

What will you find here?

MY GUYS (and the focus of all the stories found here):

Think of this as my website. Here, you will, eventually, find all my fiction in the following fandoms:

The Sentinel - written under the name of "alyjude"
Stargate SG1 - original team for the most part - written under the name of "sideburns"
Stargate Atlantis - written under the name of "sideburns"

Here's what you won't find:

No permanent death stories
No permanent disabling fics
No graphic violence or unbearable whumping

(I'm a wuss of the first order and happily admit it.)

I'll be adding stories gradually as I update them (that means FIX THEM) and then have my happy betas over at alyjude's cellar beta them. There is a Table of Contents on the first page of the journal and from there, you can access all the stories. In addition, all stories will be tagged. If there are a group in a series, the series will appear as one entry in both the Table of Contents and the tag list.

I'm a bit more rational now with regards to the use of commas, dashes, ellipses and, er...uhm...phantom body parts ::snicker:: so hopefully you'll find the stories - especially the older ones - more palatable, especially since every story will have had at least three betas! LOL!

Fandom History:

I started out in The Sentinel fandom in 1997, wrote my first piece of fanfic in, I think, '98. I was extremely prolific in the beginning, something that drove folks crazy (all those rampant commas, 'ands', ellipses, dashes and run-on sentences, don't you know) and I probably racked up something like 100 stories in less than two years. ::rolls eyes:: In 2002, I started writing in Stargate SG1 and currently have approximately 60 stories in that fandom (see? I really slowed down *grin*)and a couple of months ago, I wrote my first SGA ficlet. But no matter who I write, Jim and Blair are my first and deepest love and will always be my primary focus.

Other lists and communities:

I have a regular lj: alyburns which I use for rants, chatting, episode reviews, icons, and spamming. The fictions I've posted to it will all be moved here. And even though I'm moving all my stories here, you'll still be able to access about 80% of TS at K9's Kennel (the wonderful K9 hosted me for years), 98% of them at the adult TS archive, 852 Prospect and for Stargate: 100% at either the Area 52 archive or the Alpha Gate Archive (in both cases, under the pseudonym of sideburns).

In addition to fan fiction, I love making icons, wallpapers, etc. which can be found in galleries at alyburns

Each year, I'm honored to run the Moonridge Online Auction with Virginia Sky (who operates our website) and several other "Moonies" and for 2009, there will be an lj just for information on the auction and I'll provide a link here and at my regular lj.

In addition, because there were so many xover stories between Stargate SG1 and The Sentinel, I started a fiction and discussion list (primarily slash with emphasis on J/B and J/D, but gen friendship welcome) over at Yahoo called Stargate To Cascade. Give me an 'e' if you're interested in joining. :)

Why Alyjude's Basement?

All I can tell you is that it goes back years, to an old joke that started on senad (the adult Sentinel discussion list) and over the years, grew beyond believability. :) I keep my guys in the 'basement' and now, well, now the basement has form and function here on live journal. Although the guys would say it was always functional for them - since I've kept the basement well stocked with lube, condoms, all of their favorite foods, and a nice peephole for me.

Keys can be had.